Patreon Supporter Features

To all the wonderful people who have donated any amount to me on Patreon, here is a list of all the features you will have access to.
Also, don't forget that this is an inconclusive list, I do have more planned for the future.

This part is important. NO EXISTING FEATURES WILL BE LOCKED AWAY. Anything you have access to now, you will always have access to. Patreon just adds some new toys.
Some commands are only minor changes and boosts, but a few other ones are rather large.

When you pledge, you'll need to join the Kiwi Hangout server to be given the special Patreon role. If you are having trouble joining, then you should DM @squaswin#0251 or send an email to

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  • Every 24 hours, you can collect 1500 coins instead of 300
  • At the end of a month, you can collect 5000 coins instead of 1000


  • You will have access to 2 additional custom profile slots, bringing you to 8.
  • These slots will not be forcibly removed if you stop pledging.


  • You will get access to the +info bio command.
  • There are no rules* to what you can store as a bio.
  • You can use the masking syntax for URLs [text](url)
  • Bios will be shown as an extra page in your info.
  • Your bio will be hidden, if you stop pledging, but will return if you start again.
*Note that some servers may consider the contents of your bio to be against their rules and ask you to change or remove it.


  • You will be able to own an unlimited number of tags (default is 5000 per user.)
  • You will be able to make tags up to 256kb (default is 32kb.)
  • Tags beyond the default limit will not be deleted when you stop pledging, though you will be unable to modify them without reducing their size.

Embedded Tags

  • You will gain access to the {embed;} object.
  • This lets you create and send entire rich embeds in your tags.
  • Documentation is here.
  • Embeds will stop working (fail silently) when you stop pledging.

Generic Tags

  • You will get access to create "generic" tags. These are tags that can be used by any server.
  • You should attempt something unique and impressive.
  • Your tag must follow the rules in this page
  • Generic tags cannot use {save}.
  • Tags may be subjected to external moderation before being approved.
  • Tags will not immediately be retired if you stop pledging, but may be replaced if another user wishes to use the name of the tag.


This is the only patreon feature that is not on the $1 tier. This is simply because statuses cannot be disabled on a per server basis.

  • You will be able to add a status into the game cycle that 42 uses.
  • Your change will be queued and put into effect when the month starts.
  • Your status will be subject to heavy moderation
  • Your status should read well when started by "Playing", "Listening to" or "Watching"
  • You should not use more than 5 words
  • Your status should be creative and unique, no using the same thing as someone else
  • No blatant NSFW, racism, sexism or anyisms.
  • Your status will be removed from the pool when you stop pledging.


  • You get access to the +gacha all command

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