A Robot for

Better Experience

Useful tools
Includes many common useful features such as searching youtube and setting reminders, so that you don't need a separate bot for each~!
Also some less common features such as creating short archives, or creating a repeating announcement message and time-travelling through chat.

Simple to use
No permissions to set up if you don't want to. Roles and permissions are used to determine which commands are available.
However, if you do want more control over who can use 42, you can use toggle to disable commands, and assign special bot mods and admins.

Image is outdated and may not reflect the bot in her current state

Improved Moderation Tools

Role system
With this, members of your server will be able to assign themselves different roles
With the tools given, you can create roles that can require prerequisite roles, ensure its not given to people with different ignore roles or only work for members who have been on the server long enough.

The modlog
This lets you create a private or public channel to track all kinds of events, such as when people join or leave, when channels are created or even when messages are deleted.
Its like Discord's audit log, but its on steroids!

Image is outdated and may not reflect the bot in her current state

Remember All the Things

Tell the world about yourself
42's profile system will allow you to create a short extended profile for yourself to make it easier for other users to find your usernames
Setting your birthday and timezone will also have a small effect in other commands, such as putting you on the event calendar~

Keep track of your memes
The powerful tag system can be used to help keep track of your notes, videos, pictures, out of context screenshots and lolcats.
It also includes a extremely powerful pseudo-scripting language to allow you to create dynamic tags.

Simple to Use Mod Tools

Welcome new users
Customise the message, set a destination, even wait until the new user starts talking.

Clean up the server
Delete large chunks of chat log or find out how many people would be kicked in a prune.

Manage your users
Store users roles and nickname when they leave (or get kicked.)

Expansive Fun Commands

Interactive game commands
Play slots, video poker or blackjack in an interractive casino window with reaction controls.

Video game helpers
Check the Splatoon 2 schedule, get something from a Pokédex, or even just picking a random Smash character.