Updating 42

Holy... just.. wow. 42 has existed for about 2 years now. That is a really long time for me. And in that time I have joined over 3k servers with nearly 200k members and over 180k tags! Thats incredible and I'm so glad that people are enjoying what I have created~!

That said, coming in the near future is one of the biggest updates to 42 that I have ever created. The biggest change being that she can now use sharding to bypass the 2500 server limit.

However, a few data formats have changed internally between 42 and her beta counterpart, and some more data has been created in Beta 42, which is kind of an issue.

What I want to know now is how I should merge the data and key features of the two bots, and thats where you come in. On this page is a list of surveys, and I just want to know your opinions on everything.

Just remember though, as hard as I will try to abide by the popular vote, some things may be overreaching too far and just may not be possible. I will try my hardest though!

The ultimate end goal is to completely get rid of Beta 42... Reduce her back down to what she was initially created as: a testing bot. Beta 42's code will be transferred to 42, and because of the new sharding compatibility, I can reopen public invites and let the bot join more than her normal 2500 servers.

Lastly, to everyone who uses the bot. Thank you.
Thank you for your support, thank you for using my bot, thank you for notifying me of all my errors.
Its so humbling to know that so many thousands of people enjoy using my bot, my creation.
If you are feeling generous, there is a donation link in the top corner of this page. I'll be honest, there is no actual incentive, but it would be kind :3