Game Commands

These commands generally cost coins to play. All have a payout.

The bot requires Manage Messages for all commands listed in this page.

Most casino games are played in sessions. A session lasts 15 minutes or until you press the X reaction.
After finishing a session, you will not be able to play any casino games for an hour.
Additionally, only 1 casino game can be running in a channel.
Attempting to play any casino game and puyo at the same time in the same channel will lag both games to unplayable levels, so uh, don't do that.

+draw [3/10s]

"draws a hand from the emoji card deck"

Draws a hand of cards from 42's Emoji Deck.

+draw ['count']
Count is the number of cards from 1 to 10. Defaults to 5.

+slots [No Recent Plays]

"a working in-Discord 3 wheel slot machine"

Starts a game session of slots

  • You'll be given 9 icons, arranged into 3 wheels.
  • You win an amount based on the icons in each payline.
  • You can have up to 5 paylines (shown below.)

Payline 1

|  -  -  -  |
|  1  1  1  |
|  -  -  -  |

Payline 2

|  2  2  2  |
|  -  -  -  |
|  -  -  -  |

Payline 3

|  -  -  -  |
|  -  -  -  |
|  3  3  3  |

Payline 4

|  4  -  -  |
|  -  4  -  |
|  -  -  4  |

Payline 5

|  -  -  5  |
|  -  5  -  |
|  5  -  -  |
  • 📍 Pulls handle (spins wheels)
  • 💰 Changes bet
  • ➖ Changes lines
  • ❌ Exits game
Pay Table:
All Stars500*
All Spades150
All Clubs60
All Hearts35
All Diamonds15
All Blanks5
Any 3 Blacks3**
Any 3 Reds2**
* If your wager is 25, this combination will payout the rolling jackpot.
** Stars are wild and can match red or black. Blanks match neither.

+blackjack [No Recent Plays]

"an interactive in-Discord game of blackjack against house"

Starts a game session of blackjack.

  • The aim of the game is to get as close to 21 as you can without going over.
  • If you go over 21 (Bust), you lose immediately.
  • If the dealer finishes with a higher score than you, then you also lose.
  • If the dealer goes bust, then you win.
  • All face cards are worth 10 points.
  • Aces are worth either 11 or 1.
  • You win 1.5x bet for getting a Blackjack (A+10 start hand) or drawing 5 cards without going bust.
  • In a tie, you get your bet returned.
Possible bet values are multiples of 15 up to 150.
  • 📤 Starts game
  • 💰 Changes bet
  • ❌ Exits game
  • 📤 Hit (Draw card)
  • 🛑 Stand (End turn)

+videopoker [No Recent Plays]

"an interactive in-Discord game of video poker"

Starts a game session of video poker.

  • The aim of the game is to get the highest ranked hand.
  • You are dealt a hand and pick 0-5 cards to hold.
  • Aces are strictly low in this version (A2345 is not a straight.)
Controls: Menu
  • 📤 Starts game
  • 💰 Changes bet
  • ❌ Exits game
  • 1⃣ - 5⃣ Hold respective card
  • 📤 Discard and redraw hand
Hand explanation
  1. Royal Flush Suited 10JQKA
  2. Straight Flush Any suited straight
  3. 4 of a Kind Any 4 identical value cards
  4. Full House Any 3 of a Kind plus any Pair
  5. Flush Any 5 suited cards
  6. Straight Any 5 consecutive cards
  7. 3 of a Kind Any 3 identical value cards
  8. 2 Pairs Any 2 value pairs
  9. Jacks or Better Any pair of JQK or A

+puyo [One Per Server Channel] [1/30m]

"plays Puyo Puyo single player"

Permission: [One Per Server Channel] Only one person can play this game in each channel* and it cannot be used in PMs.
*This is because Discord has a 5/5s/channel on send and edit message, and this command is very intensive.

Puyo Puyo is a primarily Japanese puzzle game where the aim is to connect groups of 4 similar coloured puyos together.
Score is given for every group of puyos popped with bonuses for getting large groups (e.g. 5+ puyos at once) and chains.

A chain is when after popping a group of puyos, another group is created. These are where most of the points are.

Playing the game
There are 3 levels:
  • Sweet (3 colours)
  • Normal (4 colours)
  • Spicy (5 colours)

To control this game:
    Left, Right and Down moves puyos in the respective direction
    Left Turn and Right Turn rotate a puyo
    Double Down locks a puyo where it is. You can use the ghost blocks to see where it will land.

If you """win""" the game by surviving around 80 puyo drops, your score will be saved (if it is better than your previous score.)

This game costs 500 coins to play.
Fever Mode
If you wish, you can play the game in Fever Mode. This changes a few rules.
  • You can choose a character. This changes the spell messages that appear.
  • You use your character's dropset.
  • Pieces spawn on two tiles (and leaving a piece on either is game over.)
  • Getting a zen-keshi (all clear) will spawn a preset chain.
For a list of characters, click here.
There are 4 things in this game that will give you coins.
  • Completing the game will return your 500 coins.
  • Bonus for max chain (min 4, max 10.) More chain, more coins.
  • Bonus for the amount of nuisance you generated while playing.
  • Bonus for every "Zen Keshi" (full board clears) that you achieve.
+puyo ['level'] [fever 'character']
Starts a game. Level is either sweet or spicy and if not given, will be set to Normal.
Character is a puyo character from the list above.
Gets the high score table. The high scores are global, but you'll only be shown server members.

+gacha [3/15s]

"controls the Sleepless Domain gacha machine"

This is kind of a cross between a Gashapon machine and trading cards.
The cards are primarily based on Mary Cagle's comics, but in the future, some less related series of cards will appear.

+gacha series
Lists the names and IDs of all the available series
+gacha play 'series'
Buys a new card. This costs 150 coins.
+gacha check 'series'
Shows a list of all the cards you own.
+gacha binder 'series'
Tiles your owned cards into a single image.
+gacha inspect 'series' 'card'
Displays the given card (and how many of them you have.)
+gacha sell 'series' 'card'
Sells a given card back to the bot. You will see the price and have a confirmation.
+gacha all
Generates a webpage showing you all your cards.
This command is for Patreon Supporters


trades gacha cards with someone else

This command is an extension to the +gacha command above. It allows you to trade cards and coins with another user using an established trading interface.

The trade is taken in turns, with the caller first choosing the terms of the trade, then the other user either accepting the trade, or changing it themselves. This back and forth will continue until both users accept the same trade.
You can only have 1 trade open in a channel, and all subcommands except the one to start a trade are disabled when no trade is in progress.

+gachatrade 'user'
Starts a new trade.
User is the person to trade with.
+gachatrade offer 'series' 'card'
Adds the stated card to the cards you are offering.
+gachatrade offer coins 'amount'
Adds the quantity of coins to the cards you are offering.
+gachatrade request 'series' 'card'
Adds the stated card to the cards you are requesting.
+gachatrade request coins 'amount'
Adds the quantity of coins to the cards you are requesting.
+gachatrade remove 'series' 'card'
Removes the stated card from the trade.
A card can only be on one side of the trade. Adding it to both will remove it from both sides.
To remove coins from the trade, add the same quantity of coins to the other side of the trade.
+gachatrade peek 'series' 'page'
Displays both user's cards for a given binder page.
A page has 12 cards, so page 1 is 1-12, page 2 is 13-24, and so on.
+gachatrade link
If a trade is going on, this will make 42 post a jump-link to the trade window.
+gachatrade accept
Accepts the trade and passes control to the other user.
If the other user edits the trade, then when they accept, control is passed back to you.
Once both players accept the trade without editing, the trade will complete.
+gachatrade reject
Immediately ends the current trade.
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