Fun Category Commands

These commands are just for fun. Some of them are useful, but most are just for fun.
There are more commands in the Games category.

+me [5/20s]

"a Skype-like replacement for Discord's /me command"

This command takes the content of the command and puts it into an embed box in the style

* Username Content

The colour of the embed will match that of the user.

+me 'content'
Content is what to put into the embed. This command does not require quote marks.

+sync [2/15s]

"makes me start a countdown in chat"

This command posts a countdown starting at a given value and counting approximately in seconds.
Text chat seems to be better synced between users than voice chat, so this command allows for coordination.

(This command was first created to help friends get on the same team during Splatfests in Splatoon.)

+sync ['start']
Start is the starting value. If not given, it defaults to 3.

+quote [5/20s]

"quotes a message's content and context"

This command finds a message by ID and then posts the message in an embed.
You can only quote messages from the current channel.
To get an ID, enable Developer Mode in the appearence settings, then click on the cog next to the message.

+quote 'ID'
ID is the message to find. It must be in the current channel.


+poll [Server Manager]

"lets me host a poll in chat"

This command is just for managing polls. For voting, see +vote

Each user can make 1 vote on the poll.
You can only have 1 poll on the server at a time.

+poll start 'question' 'option 1' ...
Starts a poll. Question is the qestion to ask, option is an option.
You can have up to 16 options.

+poll append 'option'
Adds an answer to the current poll. Answer is the answer to add.
You can have up to 16 options.

+poll remove 'option index'
Removes an option from the poll. Option index is the index (in +vote) to remove
Removed options still count towards the 16 option limit.
All votes made to a removed option become invalidated.

+poll results
Posts the current results of the poll.
+poll close
Posts the final results and then deletes the poll.

+vote [No PM]

"lets you vote on the current poll"

This command adds a users vote to the open poll.
A user can only make one vote. They can change their vote at any time.

Posts the options and their index values.
+vote 'option index'
Sets your vote to the matching index in +vote

+raffle [Server Mod]

"starts a random drawer in chat"

This command sets up a raffle for users to participate in.
You can only have 1 raffle running per channel, and trying to create a new one will repin the old one.
Users enter the raffle by reacting to the message.

There must be 5 other users (6 reactions) to draw a winner.
Drawing a winner will also remove them from the raffle.

To close a raffle, delete the bot's message.

+raffle start
Starts a raffle, or re-pins a running raffle.
+raffle draw
Draws the raffle

+ayy [Server Manager]

"manages my default autoresponses"

Manages 42's set of default autoresponses.

For custom autoresponses, see +autoresponse

I have 5 different functions right now. They are
  1. Unflipping Tables. When someone flips a table, I might come and unflip it.
  2. Respond to Pings. When someone mentions me, I will reply.
  3. Removing "U"s. When someone types "no u", I will post the previous message but without the letter U in.
  4. Closing Brackets. When someone writes a message with unmatched brackets, braces, parenthesis or inequalities, I will close them.
  5. At Someone. When someone sends a message with "@someone" in it, I will choose a random server member.

This command is interractive. Once you have set up everything, just send a "0" to end the session.
This command uses diff highlighting where Yellow means active and Red means not active.

This starts an interractive session.

+autoresponse [Server Manager]

"lets you set up autoresponses to messages"

This command allows you to set up custom responses, or simple commands.
The response can contain almost all yna code.

+autoresponse add ['mod'] 'trigger' 'response' ['chance']
Creates a new response. Trigger is the pattern to look for, response is the response message.
Chance is a float from 0 to 1 and is the chance of the trigger causing the response. If not given, defaults to 1.
Mod is one of the following valuse:
  • -S: Startswith. Checks that the message starts with the trigger.
  • -E: Endswith. Checks that the message ends with the trigger.
  • -C: Contains. Checks the trigger exists in the message.
  • -R: Regex. Passes the trigger as raw regex. The capturing groups become the args.
<mod> +autoresponse add "+cookie" "( ^◡^)っ🍪"
<42> I have added that response.
<user> +cookie
<42> ( ^◡^)っ🍪
<mod> +autoresponse add -R "+cookie (.+)" "Have a cookie {args}~! 🍪"
<42> I have added that response.
<user> +cookie mr.mod
<42> Have a cookie mr.mod~! 🍪
+autoresponse remove
Lists the autoresponses and prompts for which to remove if any.


"lets me manage your coins"

Coins are used in some game commands but also serve as bragging rights.
Patreon supporters will earn coins at a much faster rate.

Aquisition and Usage:
+coins add+coins give
+coins giveGame Commands.
+coins [get ['member']]
Gets a members coin count. Member is who's coins to get. If not given, it fetches your own.
+coins add
Adds 300 coins. You must wait 24 hours before using this command again.
+coins give 'member' 'amount'
Gives coins to another member. Member is who to give to, amount is how many to give.


"posts an animated textbox"

This command generates gif textboxes that allow you to use different colours and animations.

Custom Styles:

You can add custom effects and colours into the textbox using special tokens.
You can have 1 colour, 1 effect and 1 size at a time.

Colour Options Description
{r}, {g}, {b} Basic colours.
These are definable for patrons.
{#000}-{#555} Extended colours. Each number is a component RGB.
000 is black and 555 is white.
{W} Colour reset back to white.
{x-y} Gradient between 2 colours.
x and y can be a basic or extended colour, or 0 for invisible.
{x>y} Animated fade between 2 colours.
x and y can be a basic or extended colour, or 0 for invisible.
{x~y} Animated wave fade between 2 colours.
x and y yadda yadda.
{x@y} Hue shift between 2 colours.
x and y blah blah. {r@m} for rainbow text.
Animations Description
{~} Wavey text.
{*} Shaky text.
{.} Effect reset.
Size Description
{^} Superscript text.
{_} Subscript text.
{|} Size reset.

The {0} token can be used to reset colour, effect and size all at once.

Special Substitutions:

Because the font used in the textboxes (Wonder Mail) originates from a DS game, there are a few extra characters it can render. Here is a list of those characters.

{$ellipsis} {$p} {$tinyheart} {$una}
{$female} {$star} {$smallheart} {$unb}
{$male} {$halfstar} {$heart} ...
{$bubble} {$dash} {$bigheart} {$unz}
{$start} {$enter} {$wifi} {$unbang}
{$select} {$ok} {$mail} {$unqn}
{$a} {$close} {$mailopen}
{$b} {$up} {$email}
{$x} {$down} {$music}
{$y} {$left} {$play}
{$l} {$right} {$stop}
{$r} {$back} {$single}
{$dpad} {$forward} {$loop}
{$tick} {$sort} {$unlocked}
{$cross} {$search} {$locked}
+imtextbox 'content'
Creates a textbox displaying the content
+imtextbox palette 'char' 'colour'
Sets a new preset colour (patrons only).
By default, the following letters are assigned: rgbcymk. w cannot be redefined.


What more is there to say about this one to be honest. It's a command that sends hugs~!

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