Automatic Functions

42 has a set of automatic functionality, all of which can be enabled or disabled as per the mods needs.
A lot of this list will be overviews of the set-it-and-forget-it functions such as +welcome, so I will show them first.

If the bot is doing something and you do not know why, check here first!
I will include also with every section how to disable a specific function if possible.

I will also document all the logging the bot uses.

Command Responses

These are the responses set via the various commands in the bot.

Default Autoresponses

What it is:
As said in this link, this is a set of small functions that trigger on a specific message or message fragment, instead of a command call.
There are currently 5:
  1. Unflipping Tables. When someone flips a table, she might come and unflip it.
  2. Respond to Pings. When someone mentions her, she will reply.
  3. Removing "U"s. When someone types "no u", she will post the previous message but without the letter U in.
  4. Closing Brackets. When someone writes a message with unmatched brackets, braces, parenthesis or inequalities, she will close them.
  5. @someone Pings. When someone sends a message with "@someone" in it, 42 will select a random user from the server. This does not ping users.
There may be more in future, or if you have any ideas, let squaswin know and he will see what he can do.
How to stop it:

Use the +ayy command to display a list of functions, then enter numbers (one at a time) to toggle them. Enter "0" to end.

Custom Autoresponses

What it is:

As said in this link, this is a command that lets you create custom message triggers.
Currently, there is no way to check what the responses are, but I promise it will get done. You can check the triggers with +autoresponse remove
Triggers are displayed as RegEx, but for the most part, you only need to know that ^ means "start" and $ means "end."

How to stop it:

Use the +autoresponse remove command, then enter the number of the trigger to delete.

+announce [Link]

What it is:

An automated message that is sent approximately on the hour every hour, or approximately at midnight UTC every day

How to stop it:

Use the +announce stop command.

+blacklist [Link]

What it is:

Automatic deletion of messages containing certain keywords.
It also contains tracking and infraction management, which may send messages or kick/ban users.

How to stop it:

Use the +blacklist remove command.

+rolestate [Link]

What it is:

Storage of a member's roles and nickname when they leave the server, allowing the bot to return those roles to the user.

How to stop it:

Use the +rolestate stop command.

+welcome [Link]

What it is:

A specific set of actions taken whenever a new member joins, including sending messages and creating/assigning roles.

How to stop it:

Use the +welcome info command to see a list of active behaviours and how to stop each.

+voicerole [Link

What it is:

Assigning or removing roles when users join or leave voice channels

How to stop it:

Use the +voicerole unbind 'channel' command to disable this for a given channel.

Internal Processes

These are automatic processes inside the bot that the users have minimal to no control over.

Status Cycle

What it is:

Every 15 seconds, the bot will change her status in a fixed cycle (listed below).

How it affects you and how to stop it:

It doesn't and you can't. However if you do see a problematic custom status, you can shoot an email, preferably with a screenshot to

The cycle:
~00"servers"Shows the number of servers the bot is on.
~15"online"Shows the number of users that are online in the bot's servers.
~30"join"Shows how to add the bot to the server.
~45"help"Shows how to access the bots help command.
~1:00"uses"Shows how many times commands have been called.
~1:15"messages"Shows how many messages the bot has sent.
~1:30"uptime"Shows the bots current uptime.
~1:45"tags"Shows the total number of tags the bot has over all servers.
~2:00"help"Same as before
~2:15"backlog"Shows the last 3 commands that were used
~2:30"suggestion"Shows a random command that has no auth level on
~2:45"website"Shows a link to here
~3:00"help"Same as the last 2 times
~3:15"redditbot"Suggests a friend bot link*
~3:30"blog"Links to The blog
~3:45"donate"Links to The donate link
~4:00"help"I'm not saying again...
~4:15"custon"Posts a custom status
~4:30"custom"Posts a custom status
~4:45"patreon"Links to The Patreon link
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Timer Checks

What it is:

Every minute, the bot will check her list of all active remind calls to see which have expired.
This is why she has an accuracy of ±1 minute.

How it affects you:

Occasionally the bot will send a message mentioning someone.

How to avoid it:

Don't use +remind


Here, I will list the commands that force the bot to delete the call message where possible. While these are not true autoresponses, it may appear like they are.

Modlog Commands

The modlog is a way for moderators to track actions taken in a server.
This automatically sends messages into a specific channel and is controlled by the config setup in the channel's topic

However, there is 2 functions that add messages to the mod log that may be unexpected. Report and Log messages.

+me [Link]

This command posts a simple embed echoing what was sent in the command.
Example: +me posts a thing would post

 * squaswin posts a thing

+xsend [Link]

This command posts a simple embed like above, but instead of deleting the call, the call may be in a different channel.

+puyo [Link]

This command is very long running, and while it does not delete the call, by the time the game is complete and the game over message is posted, many messages could have happened, making it look like a message out of nowhere.

+tag [Link]

Some tags may be set up with the "hidden" modifier. This makes the bot delete any command calls to that tag. You can prevent users from making hidden tags using the +tag config command.

Logging Functions

General Command Logging

What it is:

When commands are used, I store a little bit of information along side it.

  • Backlog For the next ~100 command calls, your call will be stored in the backlog.

This includes your server's name, channel name, username and the main command you used.
e.g. If I called +tag create hello in Kiwi#stadium, It would store "Kiwi", "stadium", "Lanterns" and "+tag"

  • Local Logs Your command call will be send to the local console and saved to a log file for up to 7 days.

Included data will be the timestamp, server name, channel name and user name, as well as the full content of the command.
This serves no reason other than to have proof of people abusing the bot through spamming or using the bot in illiegal ways.
This includes but is not limited to spamming the same commands, creating hundreds of spam tags, or using tags or profiles for storing illiegal materials.

After a week, the logs will be automatically deleted.

Local logging is also performed for all messages sent by the bot.

Command Statistics

What is it:

When a command is used, or when the bot sends a message, a few counters will be incremented. These are used for Awards and World info

  • Command Counting On command call: the counter for the specific command will be incremented.
  • Member Counting On command call: the counter for the caller will be incremented.
  • Server Counting When the bot sends a message: the counter for the destination server will be incremented.
  • Random Subcommands When +random is used, the counter for the subcommand will be incremented.
Click for an example of the member logging.

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