Information Category Commands

These are commands that are for fetching general information, either about something in Discord or something else.

+info [No PM]

"makes me tell you a whole bunch of cool stats and info"

As 42 says above, this command just fetches a set of data, ranging from a user's name and ID, to when they joined the server and how many tags they have.
These are broken up into several pages (designated by coloured squares) and you can use the buttons provided to navigate through them.

+info [user ['member']]
Fetches info on a member of the server. If no member is given, it takes yourself.
Data fields are:
  • Name and Discriminator
  • Nickname
  • ID
  • Account creation date
  • Roles and Colour
  • Server join date
  • Server join score and member count
  • "Playing" status
  • Tag count
  • Command uses
  • Last seen at
  • Profile information*
  • Generic tags**
  • Bio**
Last seen is the last message that the user sent assuming one exists in the bot's message deque.
*This requires the target to have a profile.
**This requires the target is a Patreon supporter
+info server
Fetches info about the server as a whole.
Data fields are:
  • Name and ID
  • Creation time
  • Owner
  • Channel statistics
  • Member statistics
  • Newest member
  • Emojis
  • Server settings
  • Partner features
  • 42's join time
  • Welcome status
  • Total tags
  • Total uses
+info 42
This fetches information about myself~!
Data fields are:
  • 42's ID
  • Number of commands
  • Uptime
  • Total tags
  • Total command usages
  • Total servers
  • Total users
  • Total channels
  • Current latency
  • Shard information
+info role 'rolename' Gets information about a role. Rolename is the name of the role to query.
Data fields are:
  • Name and ID
  • Hierarchy position
  • Colour
  • Permissions
  • Member count
  • Secret channel access
+info emoji ':emoji:'
Gets information about an emoji. Emoji is the resolved emoji to use.
Only works with custom emoji and the bot does not need to be on the server.
Data fields are:
  • Name and ID
  • Containing server
  • Image
+info bio "content"
Patreon supporters will have the ability to create a special bio that is posted on their info page. This command sets that bio.
Content is the new content to use for your bio.
As it is an embed, you can use [Masked Links](


"lets me get the avatar of a user"

This returns the avatar of a user in either .webp or .gif format.
If used in a PM, it will only recall the users avatar.

+avy ['member']
Member is the name of the person who's avatar to get. If no member is supplied, it fetches your own avatar.


"gets your channel permissions"
This command resolves the permissions of a given user in the current channel.
Like +check, this command uses diff syntax highlighting.
  • Yellow lines (that start with a +) means a permission the user has
  • Red lines (that start with a -) means a permission the user does not have
+perms ['member']
Member is the member to query. If no member is given then yourself is used.
<user> +perms "42"
<42> Permissions for 42#3979:
  + Add Reactions
  - Administrator
  + Attach Files
  + View Audit Logs


"lets me keep track of your online profile"

This command lets you tell 42 information about yourself to allow other users to easily access this information.
Having a profile is entirely optional.

42 respects the visibility principle, which is an unwritten rule in Discord that means that if a user cannot see a server, channel, or user, then that server, channel or user does not exist.

Some elements of profiles are used in other commands, such as timezones in +now, birthdays in +event and both in +solstice.
Your profile will also be displayed in your +info page.

+profile [get ['member]]
Gets a profile. Member is who's profile to get, or if no name is given, then it gets your own.
+profile game 'data'
Adds a new game to your profile. Data is the game to add. You can have up to 8 games.
+profile birthday 'date'
Adds a birthday to your profile. Date is your birthday.
+profile timezone
Sets your timezone. This command is interractive and can only be done in PMs.
+profile note 'data'
Sets your profile note. Data is the new note. Notes are displayed at the bottom of your profile.
+profile set 'field' 'data'
Sets a custom field. Field is the field name, data is the data to set. You can have up to 6 fields.
If you are a Patreon supporter, you will gain 2 additional fields, bringing you to 8.

+profile update
Updates a field. This command is interractive.
+profile clear 'field'
Clears a default field. field is one of "game", "birthday", "timezone", "note"
For games, the command is interractive.

+profile clear custom
Clears a custom field. This command is interractive.
+profile delete
Deletes your entire profile.
+profile make
Deletes your existing profile and starts an interractive walkthrough to create a new one.
This command can only be used in PMs.
You can use +skip to skip any stage of the process.

+define [2/15s]

"makes me define a word for you"

This command attempts to find the definition of a word inside the dictionary used by the PyDictionary module.
You may notice sections of descriptions missing (most notably after an open bracket,) but I have no idea what causes this...

+define 'query'
Defines via PyDictionary. Query is the word to define.
+define urban 'query'
Defines via UrbanDictionary. Query is the word to define.
You can also use +ud 'query' as a shortcut~!


"makes me tell you the current time"

The timezones used in this command are selected based on the most popular timezones users have set in profiles.
UTC, Europe/London, US/Pacific and Asia/Kuala_Lumpur will all appear by default, then 6 more timezones will be chosen.
The bottom of the list will also display the current date in UTC, the Epoch/Unix timestamp and a potential snowflake ID.
The colour is determined by using the same method as in welcome's newcol role, and is described in the mycol docs.



"makes me convert between different currencies"

This command uses the Currency API to quickly convert between different currencies.
However it is limited to only 38 currencies.


When converting, conversions to GBP, USD, EUR and JPY will always be shown

+currency 'value' 'FROM' ['TO']
Value is the amount to convert. FROM and TO are the 3 letter codes from the list above. If TO is given, it is added to the list of conversions to make.
+currency list
Lists the recognised currencies.

+msgcount [Bot Admin]

"makes me generate a list of authors in this channel"

This scans the last 250 messages or 24 hours (whichever is shorter) in the channel and counts who sent messages.
It returns the top 10 spammy users in a table.
The bot requires Read Message History to use this command.


+timetravel [server mod]

"pins the first message in a channel"

If the channel already has 50 pinned messages, then this command will fail.
The newly pinned message will be unpinned after a short time.
The bot requires Manage Messages to use this command.

+timetravel ['days']
Days is how many days back to pin. If not given, it pins the first message.

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